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CAPS Mental Health Resources

COVID-19 Updates

We understand that things are constantly changing, and this can cause increased levels of stress and anxiety. We want you to know that CAPS is open during this time, still providing all of our services through video tele-mental health appointments. This includes individual and group counseling, single session visits, urgent care, as well as workshops and community forums.

Call to schedule an appointment at 858-534-3755. You can find additional information on our website.

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Call CAPS: 858-534-3755 // National Crisis Text Line: HOME to 741741 // Emergencies: Call 911

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Feeling down, stressed, or anxious?

Struggling with friends, family, school, work, sleep, or substances

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Need a breather? Need to take a step back?

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 CAPS Student Programs

During this time, it’s still important to practice self-care, well-being, and find a way to stay socially connected. We are providing a number of online and video resources: 

Information about these programs can be found at the CAPS Flourish Initiative