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Code of Conduct 

1. Be Kind
  • This is a space where individuals are voluntarily giving and receiving time so please treat others with compassion and empathy.
  • Be patient as others navigate the virtual platform and learn unfamiliar concepts. 
2. Be Respectful
  • No swearing or vulgar language.
  • Understand that everyone comes from different backgrounds and has different needs.
3. Be Responsible 
  • Make sure that any confidential information or inappropriate media on your computer is cleared from view when screen sharing and from your background when on video.
4. Be Safe
  • Don’t hesitate to ask a room monitor for help, we are here to support you!
  • Alert our staff if an unsafe  situation arises.


Failure to adhere to the following code of conduct will result in rescindment of privileges to participate in the Triton Tutor program and may result in officially reporting. 

Our employees and volunteers have taken the California Child Abuse & Reporting Act (CANRA) training and have signed on to act as mandated reporters. If child abuse or neglect is observed or reasonably suspected, it will be reported to our HDH supervisors, the  University Compliance Hotline, and the proper law enforcement agency.