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Meet the Team

Mona photo


Wellness & Engagement Manager

Wellness is about intuitively giving your mind, body, and heart  what it needs. 

Matt photo


Student Coordinator

To me, Wellness is the conceptualization of health through multiple dimensions. If you know what you   need to take care of, taking care of it is easier.

Brianna photo


Student Coordinator

To me, wellness means being mindful and in control, or working towards being in control, of different   aspects of your life. Wellness allows you to be conscientious of what you are doing right and what you   want to improve on, whether it may be financially, mentally, socially, emotionally or anything else.

Yuleni photo


Student Coordinator

Wellness is taking care of your mind just as much as you’d take care of your body. Your soul and body are interconnected and whatever you feed one, it will reflect in the other. I like to practice grounding and mindfulness, because it helps me hear my body and understand what is bothering it or making it unhealthy. I use my intuition to determine what kind of care my mind and body need.